Small Business Marketing Workshops

The FAMEE Foundation has developed several workshops that you can deliver in your organization. The PowerPoint downloads and related materials can be downloaded from this page.

Like the other materials from this website, the materials can be accessed at no cost. We do ask that if you generate program income from these workshops that you make an appropriate donation back to the foundation to support our efforts. (We suggest 15%.)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR BASE MARKETING SEMINAR on the CUSTOMER PILLARS program. This is designed as a 3-hour workshop, but can be either shortened or lengthened to meet your workshop needs.

We also request that you use these workshops to promote the tools available from the foundation and encourage your participants to register for courses, download the materials, and, should they choose, also make a donation to the foundation.

In addition to public workshops, we would encourage you to utilize these materials for in-house presentations as well. This can be a very lucrative program income generator, and you are fully authorized to use the tools to do so. Again, we simply ask that you consider a donation back to the foundation when you utilize these materials in this way. We also encourage you to use your creativity in how you apply the program items from FAMEE; they are here to help you help entrepreneurs.

Another option is to bring one our FAMEE speakers in to your organization to offer either consultant training or public workshops for your entrepreneurs. Contact us at to learn more.

Growth Goals Worksheet
Customer Pillars - Overview List
Grading Your Competitive Edge

The downloads listed above are
GREAT for workshop handouts!


9 Session Program
Instructors Guide
PowerPoints - Class 1
PowerPoints - Class 2
PowerPoints - Class 3
PowerPoints - Class 4
PowerPoints - Class 5
PowerPoints - Class 6
PowerPoints - Class 7
PowerPoints - Class 8
PowerPoints - Class 9


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